Home News 162 people are killed and hundreds are injured in Indonesia’s Java earthquake.

162 people are killed and hundreds are injured in Indonesia’s Java earthquake.

At least 162 people have died and hundreds have been injured as a result of an earthquake in Java, the largest island in Indonesia, according to regional governor Ridwan Kamil.

According to data from the US Geological Survey, the 5.6-magnitude earthquake that rocked Cianjur town in West Java occurred at a shallow depth of 10 km (six miles).

Numerous patients received outside care while hundreds were brought to hospitals.

Rescuers worked through the night to try to reach people who they believed were still trapped beneath collapsed structures.

The epicenter of the earthquake is a heavily populated, landslide-prone area where many poorly constructed homes have been turned to rubble.

According to the most recent data available, at least 62 persons have died, according to earlier estimates from Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB).

Speaking to local media, Mr. Kamil stated that the earthquake had harmed 326 individuals, most of them “suffered fractures from being crushed in debris.”

A damaged classroom in Cianjur, West Java
A damaged classroom in Cianjur, West Java

He did, however, issue a warning that some locals were still “stuck in isolated places” and stated that authorities were “under the premise that the number of injured and fatalities will climb over time.”

The governor of West Java said that the tragedy had forced more than 13,000 people to flee their homes, while the BNPB reported that the earthquake had destroyed more than 2,200 homes.

A collapsed school building in Cianjur, West Java
A collapsed school building in Cianjur, West Java

The majority of injuries, according to Herman Suherman, the administrative chief of Cianjur Town, were bone fractures brought on by persons becoming trapped by building rubble.

The AFP news agency quoted him as stating earlier in the day, “The ambulances keep on coming from the villages to the hospital. There are a lot of families in villages that have not left.

According to the governor of West Java, many of the injured were treated outside in a hospital parking lot after the facility lost power for several hours as a result of the earthquake.

The entire restoration of power could take up to three days, Mr. Kamil stated on Twitter on Monday night. He continued by saying that officials were having “a lot of difficulties” due to the continued poor mobile phone reception.

Map showing location of earthquake in Indonesia

People were evacuated from high-rise buildings in Jakarta, the country’s capital, which is around 100 kilometers away from where the tremor was detected.

According to the agency, office personnel in the civic and business district fled from their buildings during the Monday tremor, which began at 13:21 Western Indonesian Time (WIT).

“I was working when the ground beneath me began to tremble. I was acutely aware of the trembling. I made no effort to process what it was, but it grew stronger and persisted for a while “Mayadita Waluyo, a lawyer, told AFP.

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