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OneLove armband for the 2022 World Cup – Germany players cover their mouths after a dispute with Fifa

The OneLove armband controversy caused Germany’s players to conceal their mouths in the team photo before their World Cup opener against Japan.

The action comes after Fifa threatened to book players for donning the OneLove armband during games in Qatar. It was going to be worn by the captains of seven different European countries to encourage integration and diversity.

The German Football Association (DFB) stated on Twitter that the goal was not to make a political statement.

Human rights cannot be negotiated. Even while that ought to be common knowledge, it still isn’t. That is why we consider this message to be so crucial. Giving us the armband without giving us a voice is the same thing. We maintain our stance.

OneLove armband for the 2022 World Cup - Germany players cover their mouths after a dispute with Fifa
OneLove armband for the 2022 World Cup – Germany players cover their mouths after a dispute with Fifa

Along with England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, Germany was one of the teams that had intended to don the OneLove armband.

The Fifa “No Discrimination” campaign, which was scheduled to launch in the quarterfinals, has been moved up.

The No Discrimination armband can now be worn by captains throughout the length of the competition.

Against Japan, Manuel Neuer, the captain of Germany, donned the Fifa armband.

The DFB stated, “We wanted to take a position for ideals that we hold in the Germany national team: diversity and mutual respect. That’s why we wore our captain’s armband.”

We desired that our voice be heard together with that of other countries.”

The DFB claims it is looking into the legality of Fifa’s threat to penalize players for donning the armband.

According to DFB communications director Steffen Simon, “Fifa has prohibited us from utilizing a sign of diversity and human rights.”

“This was coupled with obscene threats of sporting sanctions without any details.

“The DFB is investigating the legality of this Fifa action.”

The DFB has contacted the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) about the matter, according to Simon, and the DFB is hoping Neuer will be able to wear the OneLove armband for his team’s second Group E game against Spain on Sunday.

The seven nations that had intended to wear the OneLove armband are “coordinating” conversations on their upcoming legal actions, according to Jakob Jensen, chief executive of the Danish Football Federation.

He asserted that approaching Cas about the matter is “not doable,” nevertheless.

“If you want to go through Cas, you need to first file a complaint within the Fifa system, then you need to go through the appeals committee,” he continued.

Simon has previously claimed that Fifa was subjecting the seven countries to “severe blackmail.”

In an effort to disassociate itself from Fifa, the German supermarket group Rewe has suspended its advertising agreement with the DFB.

In addition to the Three Lions players kneeling before the game, Harry Kane carried the Fifa armband as England defeated Iran 6-2 to start their World Cup campaign.

A OneLove armband would be worn by the captains of 10 European countries, including England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, it was announced in September.

Hugo Lloris, the captain of France, declared he would not wear the armband in order to “show respect” to Qatar, although Norway and Sweden failed to go to the World Cup.

Before Euro 2020, the Netherlands launched the OneLove initiative to fight discrimination and encourage diversity and inclusion.

Because they are viewed as immoral under Islamic Sharia law, same-sex relationships and the marketing of same-sex relationships are both illegal in Qatar.

Andros Townsend, a former England winger, has stated that given the country’s adherence to Islamic Sharia law, he feels “a little worried” about rallies against Qatar’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

The Everton attacker claimed on TalkSport that Muslim athletes support UK initiatives like rainbow laces but “can’t promote it because they feel they are going against their religion.”

It’s challenging, he continued, even if they respect our beliefs when they are in our nation. Despite the fact that we are visiting their nation and disagreeing with it, they continue to practice their religion.

“I’m a little concerned that we’re going here and disrupting a culture while these guys are in their own nation,” the speaker said.

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