Home News Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan attends first rally following shooting

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan attends first rally following shooting

Imran Khan, the deposed prime minister of Pakistan, addressed hundreds of thousands of his supporters in his first public speech since being shot at and hurt three weeks ago.

In Rawalpindi, crowds gathered for a rally while carrying flags and signs.

They were exhorted to live without concern for mortality by the former cricket star.

Earlier this month, an incident occurred that resulted in one death and numerous injuries as Mr. Khan presided over a related event.

The former prime minister underwent surgery after suffering a right leg injury. He has claimed that the attack in Wazirabad was planned by members of the current administration.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan

Authorities have denied the charge and released a video that allegedly depicts a confession from the lone suspect in the shooting.

When Mr. Khan finally arrived at the gathering in Rawalpindi after a delay of many hours, his fans cheered.

One woman told the BBC that she had come because Mr. Khan was fighting for Pakistan’s people, not for personal gain. I’m here to support a leader who is helping us, she declared.

A man in the throng remarked, “There is only one man who has been raising his voice against the entire establishment.” He has provided us with a vision, and he is here to look ahead.

Despite increased security, the mood was upbeat as people sang popular Pakistani songs and chanted slogans in support of the former prime leader.

Mr. Khan claimed that “three criminals” were awaiting an opportunity to try to take his life once more.

But “fear turns an entire nation into slaves,” he warned his fans.

In his speech, he also acknowledged his mistakes as premier in combating corruption, stating he “failed to put the powerful under the law.”

The gathering was referred to be the culmination of Mr. Khan’s “long march,” which consisted of a number of rallies during which he called for early elections.

Authorities had set up barriers and encouraged him to cancel the event in advance due to the possibility of violence.

After failing a vote of confidence in parliament, the former international cricket player was dismissed from office earlier this year. Later, he lost his eligibility to serve in public office.

He has been charged with failing to adequately declare information about gifts, including Rolex watches, rings, and cufflinks, that he received and auctioned off while in office.

Mr. Khan claims the allegations against him are politically motivated and rejects any misconduct on his part.

Since being removed from office, he has criticized Pakistan’s government and the country’s strong military leadership loudly.

Mr. Khan continues to enjoy great popularity throughout the nation and draws sizable crowds to his rallies.

The government has stated numerous times that the election will take place as scheduled next year.

Political violence has a long history of being fatal in Pakistan. In the most well-known incident, former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was killed in 2007 at a gathering of the general population.

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