Home News Three women are killed in a cafe in Rome: Italy

Three women are killed in a cafe in Rome: Italy

A guy opened fire at a cafe in Rome, killing three women and wounded four others, one of whom was a friend of Italy’s incoming prime minister.

Inside, the residents’ committee of a nearby block was holding a meeting.

Rome’s mayor, Roberto Gualtieri, called the shooting a “terrible episode of violence” and said he would be present at a Monday emergency meeting.

In detention is a 57-year-old suspect. According to reports, he has a history of disagreements with certain of the committee’s board.

Three women are killed in a cafe in Rome
Three women are killed in a cafe in Rome

The vice-president of the committee, Luciana Ciorba, was at the café in the Fidene neighborhood, according to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

One of the injured, thought to be two women and two men, is still in a critical condition.

Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister, identified one of the victims as her friend Nicoletta Golisano. Sabina Sperandio and Elisabetta Silenzi were the names of the other two deceased women.

Ms. Meloni expressed her sympathy to Ms. Golisano’s family in a Facebook post, saying she would always remember her friend as “beautiful and happy.”

She described Nicoletta as “a protective mother, a true friend who kept to herself, a woman strong and fragile at the same time.”

Nicoletta was my friend, but she was also a professional with an exceptional sense of duty.

She said, “It’s not proper to die like that.” “In the crimson outfit she purchased for her 50th birthday party a few weeks ago, Nicoletta was radiant and joyful. She will always be attractive and joyful in my eyes.”

A shooting range from which the suspect is suspected of stealing the weapon used in the attack has been closed, according to Ms. Meloni, and is the subject of an inquiry.

The suspect, whose identity has been made public by the Italian press but not by the police, has not yet been explained by the police. It is believed that the attack was not political in nature.

According to reports, the suspect and the board of residents of the apartment building have been engaged in a protracted argument.

In October, Giorgia Meloni, the head of the far-right Brothers of Italy party in Italy, was elected as the nation’s first female prime minister.

Forensic teams examined the scene of the shooting
Forensic teams examined the scene of the shooting

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