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What is Alexander Lukashenko Net Worth ?

What is Alexander Lukashenko Net Worth

What is Alexander Lukashenko Net Worth ?

Alexander Lukashenko is a Belarusian politician who has an alleged net worth of $10 billion. Like Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko has denied being extremely wealthy and instead insists he is a modest public servant with a modest public servant’s net worth.

As we detail later in this article, there have been accusations dating back to at least 2006 that Lukashenko has enriched himself to the tune of billions of dollars hidden in bank accounts in Switzerland or Dubai. He denies these allegations.

Alexander Lukashenko has served as the leader of Belarus since 1994. As the head of an authoritarian government, he has called himself Europe’s “last dictator,” and has become notorious for rigging his country’s elections and violently suppressing dissidents. As a result, Lukashenko is not recognized as the legitimate Belarusian president by the US, UK, or EU.

What is Alexander Lukashenko Net Worth

Personal Life

In 1975, Lukashenko wed his high school sweetheart Galina Zhelnerovich; the couple had a son named Viktor later that year. In 1980, they had a second son named Dmitry.

Although still married, Lukashenko and Zhelnerovich have been estranged from one another since the former became president in 1994. From an extramarital affair, Lukashenko had another son named Nikolai in 2004.

Early Life and Education

Alexander Lukashenko was born on August 31, 1954 in the Kopys settlement of what was then the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. He was raised by a single mother named Ekaterina who worked various jobs, including on a railway, at a flax factory, and at a construction site. For his education, Lukashenko went to Alexandria secondary school, and later graduated from the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute. He went on to study at the Belarusian Agricultural Academy, graduating in 1985.

Career Beginnings

From 1975 to 1977, Lukashenko served in the Border Guard as an instructor with the Western Frontier District. Following this, he led an All-Union Leninist Young Communist League chapter, and then joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. From 1980 to 1982, Lukashenko served in the Soviet Army as a deputy political officer.

After his time serving in the military, Lukashenko became the deputy chairman of a collective farm. A few years after that, he was promoted to director of the Gorodets state farm and construction plant in Shklow. Later, in 1990, Lukashenko was elected as Deputy to the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus. Due to his reputation for being tough on corruption, he was subsequently named interim chairman of the Belarusian parliament’s anti-corruption committee, a position he held until 1994.

Personal Wealth/Wikileaks Revelations

According to cables released by wikileaks, in 2006 US diplomats believed that Alexander Lukashenko was the richest citizen in Belarus with a personal net worth that was at least $9 billion. The cables went on to claim that Lukashenko is the richest of all the oligarchs in Belarus citing a report that ranked the richest people. Speaking of a list that showed the 50 richest people in Belarus, the diplomat bluntly stated:

Those listed had the opportunity to enrich themselves, and evidence indicates that many did so.

A documentary produced by Poland-based opposition news service NEXTA claimed to highlight some of Lukashenko’s vast personal luxuries. The film claimed that the Belarusian dictator has allegedly spent hundreds of millions of dollars on extremely luxurious personal mansions, private plans and Rolls-Royces and Maybachs.

In response to the video, during a factor tour, Lukashenko denied being Belarus’ richest citizen with many palaces:

I want you to understand: I have been working as president for a quarter of a century, and if there were already some billions, as they say, or palaces, I would have already been torn to pieces from all sides. I did not steal anything from my state, I did not take anything.

The film claimed that Lukashenko spent $250 million building his palace in Minsk and owns approximately 17 personal residences. The video has nearly 7 million views as of this writing:


Early on in his leadership, Lukashenko expressed a desire to keep many industries under government control, improve citizens’ social welfare, and overall recover the Russification policies of the Soviet era. Under the guise of this, he has consolidated his power through numerous autocratic decrees and rigged elections.