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What is Dusty Baker Net Worth ?

What is Dusty Baker Net Worth

What is Dusty Baker Net Worth ?

Dusty Baker is an American former baseball player and current manager who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. As a player, Dusty was in the MLB from 1968 to 1986. He was drafted by the Atlanta Braves directly out of high school in 1967. He spent one year in the Minor Leagues, and then made his Major League debut in October 1986.

He went on to play for the Atlanta Braves until 1975. He then played for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1976 to 1983. While with the Dodgers, he was named an All-Star twice and won the 1981 World Series. He then played for the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics briefly, before retiring from Major League play.

What is Dusty Baker Net Worth

While playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1976 to 1983, Baker won two Silver Slugger Awards and a Golden Glove Award.

He began working as a manager in the early 90s. He managed the San Francisco Giants from 1993 to 2002 and was named National League Manager of the Year three times during his tenure with the team. He took the team to the World Series in 2002, but they walked away defeated.

He managed the Chicago Cubs from 2003 to 2006, and the Cincinnati Reds from 2008-2013. He was fired from the Reds in October of 2013.

In 2016 Dusty was hired by the Washington Nationals. He stayed there for two seasons. In 2020 he was hired as the manager of the Houston Astros.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Baker is married to his wife Melissa, with whom he has a son named Darren. From a prior marriage, he has a daughter named Melissa. The family resides in Granite Bay, California.

On the philanthropic side of things, Baker is a member of the national non-profit organization the National Advisory Board for Positive Coaching Alliance. The group is devoted to providing student-athletes with empowering youth sports experiences. Baker has appeared in numerous videos and other educational content for the organization.

Early Life

Dusty Baker was born Johnnie B. Baker Jr. on June 15, 1949, in Riverside, California. He is the oldest of five children. At the age of 14, Baker moved with his family to the Sacramento area, where his father worked at McClellan Air Force Base.

In the area, Baker went to Del Campo High School, where he excelled in numerous sports including baseball, football, basketball, and track. In 1967, after being drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the amateur draft, Baker got into a major conflict with his father, who wanted him to attend college instead.

However, Baker forged ahead and signed with the Braves, resulting in an estrangement from his dad that lasted for seven years.


In January 2020 Dusty signed a one-year contract with the Astros that pays around $1.5 million for the season. That means he ended up being a rare case of a coach who brought his team to the World Series without a contract in place for the following season. That could prove to be lucrative if Dusty signs a new deal with the Astros.

Career Beginnings

Baker made his MLB debut as an outfielder for the Atlanta Braves in 1968. At the same time, he served with the Marine Corps Reserve in motor transport mechanics, a position he continued through the mid-70s. During the decade in the offseason, Baker played for the Mexican Pacific League’s Yaquis de Obregón. He played his eighth and final season with the Braves in 1975.

Los Angeles Dodgers

In 1976, Baker joined the Los Angeles Dodgers; with the team, he would have the greatest playing successes of his career. Among his achievements, he won National League Championship Series titles in 1977, 1978, and 1981. In the former year, Baker was named the inaugural NLCS MVP. Additionally, he made three World Series appearances, winning once in 1981 over the New York Yankees. Baker also played for the National League All-Star team in both 1981 and 1982. In his other accomplishments with the Dodgers, he won two Silver Slugger Awards and a Golden Glove Award.

Final Playing

Following eight seasons apiece with both the Braves and the Dodgers, Baker played a single season with the San Francisco Giants and two seasons with the Oakland Athletics. He concluded his playing career in 1986 with a .278 batting average, including 242 home runs and 1,013 RBI.

Real Estate

In June 2003 Dusty paid $589,000 for an undeveloped 5-acre plot of land in Granite Bay, California (near Sacramento). Over the next couple of years, he built what became a 9,000 square-foot mansion on a palatial estate that features multiple structures, enormous lawns, a basketball court, and more. Today, this property is likely worth $5-6 million.