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What is Manny Pacquiao Net Worth ?

What is Manny Pacquiao Net Worth

What is Manny Pacquiao Net Worth ?

Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino boxer, actor, singer, endorser, and politician. As of this writing, Manny Pacquiao’s net worth is $220 million. Manny Pacquiao is an active political figure, having served as a Senator of the Philippines for many years. Among many sporting circles, Pacquiao is considered one of the best “pound for pound” boxers of all time.

He is the only professional boxer to be named an eight-division world champion and has won linear championships in five different weight classes. In addition to his athletic and political careers, Pacquiao has pursued a number of business ventures to emerge as a successful entrepreneur.

The biggest and most lucrative fight of Manny’s career took place in May 2015 against longtime rival Floyd Mayweather.

What is Manny Pacquiao Net Worth

When it was all said and done, between his guaranteed purse and pay-per-view bonus earnings, Manny ended up earning $130 million from the fight. During his career, he has earned at least $500 million from fights and endorsements.

Personal Life

Manny married his wife Jinkee in 1999. They have five children together. Their daughter Mary Divine Grace is a popular YouTube personality in the Philippines. One of their sons is an amateur boxer and another son is a rapper.

Early Life

Emmanuel Dapridran Pacquiao was born on December 17th of 1978 in Kibawe, Bukidnon, a small municipal area in the Philippines. He grew up with his mother and father among six siblings until sixth grade, when his parents separated.

At a young age, Pacquiao was inspired to get into combat sports by watching Bruce Lee videos and Mohammed Ali fights. His family struggled with poverty, and he had to drop out of high school as a result. Pacquiao began boxing at age 14 – the same year he left home in order to help his mother provide for his siblings. He has stated that he started boxing to survive, as it was something he knew that he was good at while living on the streets.

Pacquiao turned professional at age 16, although he had previously earned a spot on the national Filipino team at 14. His room and board were paid for by the government, and he had an amateur record of 60 wins and 4 losses.

At 4’11 with a weight of 98 pounds, the 16-year-old Manny Pacquiao was not legally allowed to fight. He later admitted that he put weights in his socks during weigh-ins so that he could compete. He won his first professional light flyweight fight against Edmund Ignacio.

Political Career

Manny Pacquiao first ran for a seat in the Filipino House of Representatives in 2007 and was defeated. He followed this up by running for a different district in 2010, gaining success this time around. After becoming successful in the world of Filipino politics, Pacquiao ran for a seat in the senate in 2016. He won the seat and continues to be intimately involved with the politics of his home nation.

Entertainment Career

In addition to his career in sports and politics, Manny Pacquiao has also enjoyed a fruitful career in the entertainment industry. His appearances have been mostly limited to Filipino movies, although he also appeared once on Tosh.0. Rumors have been circulating about a possible appearance in Hollywood movies as well.

What is Manny Pacquiao Net Worth


Approximately 20 million people have purchased pay-per-views for Pacquiao’s events. The sum of his 25 pay-per-view bouts equates to approximately $1.3 billion in revenue. In 2015 he was the second-highest-paid athlete in the world. Here are some more of Pacquiao’s biggest paydays:

Manny Pacquiao’s Career Earnings
Opponent Earnings Date
Erik Morales $2,000,000 January 2006
Oscar Larios $1,000,000 July 2006
Erik Morales $3,000,000 November 2006
Jorge Solis $2,000,000 April 2007
Marco Antonio Barrera $2,000,000 October 2007
Oscar De la Hoya $11,000,000 December 2008
Ricky Hatton $12,000,000 May 2009
Miguel Cotto $35,000,000 November 2009
Antonio Margarito $35,000,000 November 2010
Shane Mosely $20,000,000 May 2011
Juan Manuel Marquez $20,000,000 November 2011
Timothy Bradley $20,000,000 June 2012
Juan Manuel Marquez $30,000,000 December 2012
Brandon Rios $30,000,000 November 2013
Timothy Bradley $20,000,000 April 2014
Chris Algieri $20,000,000 November 2014
Floyd Mayweather $130,000,000 May 2015
Timothy Bradley $33,000,000 April 2016
Jesse Vargas $10,000,000 November 2016
Adrien Broner $10,000,000 January 2016
Total: $446,000,000