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What is Vladimir Putin Net Worth ?

What is Vladimir Putin Net Worth

What is Vladimir Putin Net Worth ?

Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician who has a net worth of $70 billion dollars. During his career, which includes stints serving as both President and Prime Minister of Russia, he has earned a very controversial international reputation. He is currently serving his second term as the President of Russia, which began in 2012.

What is Vladimir Putin Net Worth

Personal Life and Public Image

Putin married Lyudmila Shkrebneva on July 28, 1983. They lived in East Germany from 1985 to 1990, where their daughter Yekaterina Putina was born. Their other daughter, Mariya Putina, was born in Leningrad. They announced their divorce in June 2013 and confirmed it had been finalized in April 2014.

His public image is fairly unique for a politician, largely characterized by his “macho” outdoorsy image. He has been famously shirtless on several occasions or engaging in various dangerous and extreme sports. He is also famous for his “Putinisms”, aphorisms that come from his unique use of the Russian language (similar to how George W. Bush is famous for his malapropisms here in the United States).

One example of a “Putinism” occurred during an interview with American journalist Larry King, who asked him what happened to a Russian submarine that had been lost in an explosion – Putin answered simply, “she sank”.

Early Life

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union (what is now Saint Petersburg). His mother Maria was a factory worker, and his father Vladimir Spiridonovich was a conscript in the Soviet Navy. He began practicing the martial arts of Judo and sambo at age twelve, and is a Judo black belt. Having studied German at Saint Petersburg High School 281, he speaks German fluently.

Putin studied Law at Leningrad State University (not Saint Petersburg University), graduating in 1975. It was while at university that he met Anatoly Sobchak, co-author of the Russian constitution, who was an assistant professor that taught business law. He was greatly influential in Putin’s career.

Political Career

After earning a law degree, Putin’s career in politics began with a 16-year stint serving in the KGB. He trained at the 401st KGB school in Okhta, Leningrad. After working monitoring foreigners and consular officials in Leningrad, he was sent to Moscow for further training at the Yuri Andropov Red Banner Institute in 1984.

Following that, under the cover identity of a translator, he served in Dresden, East Germany from 1985 to 1990. He relocated to Leningrad after the collapse of the Communist East German government, reconnecting with Anatoly Sobchak while at his post at the International Affairs section of Leningrad State University.

Putin claims that on the second day of the 1991 coup attempt against then-President Mikhail Gorbachev, he resigned from the KGB because he did not agree with what had happened and no longer wished to be part of the intelligence operation of the new post-coup administration.

Vladimir Putin’s Secret Billion Dollar Fortune

Official disclosures list Putin’s annual Presidential salary at $187,000 (5.8 million rubles). In 2012, he reported an income of 3.6 million rubles ($113,000). Putin also claims to have a relatively meager net worth consisting of $180,000 in a savings account, a few Russian-made automobiles, and a 16,000 square foot plot of land in the Moscow suburbs.

Putin’s ex-wife Lyudmila controls bank accounts totaling $260,000. In total, they claimed their net worth totaled less than $500,000

During his reign, many Russian insiders and experts believe that Putin has used his power to do a little more than improve life for the common Russian citizen. While many previously state-owned industries were privatized, Putin allegedly has used his power to build large secret ownership stakes in several multi-billion dollar commodity firms.