Home News Who was Alistair Wilson and what happened to him?

Who was Alistair Wilson and what happened to him?

Who was Alistair Wilson and what happened to him?

Who was Alistair Wilson?

Wilson was a banker who lived in Nairn, Scotland, with his wife Veronica and two young children.

His murder prompted one of Scotland’s largest-ever investigations.

At the time of his death, he was a business manager at a local Bank of Scotland branch.

Who was Alistair Wilson?

Wilson is the focus of the Channel 5 documentary Murder on the Doorstep:

What happened to Alistair Wilson?

Wilson was at home with his family on November 28, 2004, and was anticipating the arrival of friends.

Wilson’s wife, Veronica, answered the door to a man who inquired about Alistair.

Alistair approached the man, who handed him an envelope with the name “Paul” written on it. It was, however, empty.

Who was Alistair Wilson?

Wilson went back to his house to tell his wife what had happened, but when he went outside to talk to the man, he was shot at least three times and died shortly after.

The killer disappeared into the night, and is yet to have been captured.

Who has been charged with Alistair Wilson’s murder?

Although no one has been charged in Wilson’s death, police are still investigating the crime.

They are also looking for a possible motive for his death and believe they are getting close.

What is known is that the murder occurred around the time of an impending smoking ban in Scottish pubs.

The Havelock Hotel, which was across the street from his house, had recently built a decking area in the pub’s parking lot without obtaining planning permission.

When they applied for permission, Wilson objected due to the noise and disturbance he believed it would cause.

The decking was paid for and built by locals, some of whom were said to be unhappy with Wilson’s reservations.

The pubs landlord at the time, Andy Burnett, was one of the last people to see him alive and is assisting police as a key witness. He is not a suspect.